“Exploding Head Man”


Exploding Head Man

We’d just started talking when the scent of your body
exploded the top off my head

And I went blind searching for you
some taste of you among the starlight falling on my thoughts

below the moon’s face cracked like pearls or lucite
in the spellbound sky

God it was hot
I thought the lightning would shatter the world:
the ragged, star-clothed edges wheeling
cracking on the rocks

machinery that woke those constellations
circling in the water high above my head
the gold fish approaching the sun
glittering in my thoughts
the water blasting through my sleep
like Van Gogh’s river

So you create the shreds of evidence of this crime
and paint them all to detonate
the time bomb of your lipstick slashed
vermilion on my face

and in that chalk outline where we both lie down
I am exploding headman
holding the fuse that blows the universe machine
till space and time spill out and freeze
and fill the nothing with a million tangled
molecules of you and me and it and what and how
and us and thee and why and now